As a full-service specialist gaming and esports agency, YaLLa Esports offers you a range of services to realize, strategize, implement, and elevate your esports journey. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, build a strong online presence, and integrate your brand into the flourishing Arab Esports ecosystem.
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YaLLa Esports was founded in 2016 by Finnish-born DJ and entrepreneur Klaus Kajetski, fueled by his pure passion for gaming and two decades of experience in the Esports industry. As the Founder and CEO, Klaus established YaLLa Esports to develop the regional Esports ecosystem and produce one of the most exceptional Middle Eastern teams on the international stage. Over time, YaLLa Esports has grown into a household brand, recognized for our commitment to nurturing the finest Arabic talent and delivering comprehensive gaming and esports services through our full-service agency.
CEO & Former Pro-Gamer
Klaus Kajetski
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Head of Agency
Tina Ghotbi
Head of Creative
Rami Sarkis
Head of Marketing
Qais Al Sultan
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